Techniswage, tube reshaping and reforming for the aerospace, medical and defence industry

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Swaging services UK, tube reforming UK, micro tube reforming
Swaging services, reforming and reshaping tubes for the medical, aerospace and defence industries
Micro tube reforming, reshaping tubes for the medical industry, medical tubes, medical reshaping of tubes

About Techniswage

Established in 2000 out of the ashes of a historic tube machine forming company based in Birmingham – the home of “metal bashing,” Techniswage has grown to become an internationally recognised engineering company.

Extremely proud of our immense tube forming expertise, our personnel have backgrounds in various industries including forging, casting, pressing and the quality leading sectors of automotive and aerospace. It is our diverse skill sets that have enabled us to create a major force in tube forming technology.
Starting in 2000, we have achieved a wide range of accomplishments and as a company we continue to grow and grow.
These accomplishments include the achievement of ISO 9001 certification and FHL, Airbus and Raytheon approval. As the aerospace division of our business continues to expand, we are also proud to be a member of the Midlands Aerospace Alliance.
In 2012, we were honoured to be involved in the Olympic Games. Our involvement came when we were awarded the contract to manufacture the tapered tubes which formed the Olympic cauldron, the centrepiece of the London 2012 opening ceremony and something that was seen on the world stage.
As a result of our continued business growth, 2012 also saw us outgrow our original business premises and move to larger premises nearby.
Expanding our already diverse portfolio and range of industries that we operate in, in 2013 we undertook a large petrochemical contract which continues to bring inward investment to the business.
Enabling us to offer a wider range of services, in 2014 we created a small parts area within the business; this has enabled us to produce formed components of 2mm diameter and below.
Looking to the future, we are committed to servicing the needs of industries in both the UK and internationally. With the apprenticeship scheme that we launched in 2014, we are also incredibly keen to invest in the next generation of engineers.