Micro Tube End Forming

Micro Tube Forming

At Techniswage, we are micro tube forming specialists and have a dedicated production Cat 4 clean room for micro tube forming and micro swaging services.
We define any tube or wire components smaller than 2mm in diameter as micro components. We can form these components out of most metals and they can be manipulated by means of hydraulic or rotary methods, depending on the micro tube forming profile required.
Typical materials we utilise for this process include:
  • Copper
  • Brass 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Mild steel

Micro tube expansion, reduction and tapering 

We are able to expand, reduce or even create short tapers on tubes as small as 1mm diameter. 
Butt forming of tube and rods can also be produced. This is the reducing of the centre section by rotary swaging when the process prevents any material being removed. This achieves a smaller diameter beyond the end sections. Again, this can be carried out on tube or wire.

Typical micro component applications

Parts produced by micro tube forming and swaging are required by a diverse range of industries and for many different applications. 
Examples of the applications of previous components we have produced include:
  • Medical cannulas
  • Blood testing needles
  • Throttle linkage pins for jet engines
  • Parts for thermocouples compressing
  • EDM guide tubes
  • Meat probes

Our micro tube forming production room

For the production of micro components, we have a dedicated production Cat 4 clean room. This includes a GXCAM binocular microscope, which enables analysis of the smaller end formed components around 2mm to 0.5mm sizes. It also assists in the creation and measurement of tube expansion, flaring and reductions / pointing, together with ancillary operations such as laser cutting and polishing.

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