Techniswage, tube reshaping and reforming for the aerospace, medical and defence industry

Tooling Production

With Techniswage’s subcontract expertise in tube forming, quality design and production for various major tube forming equipment (including BLMCrippaRoboroughStevens & Bullivant, Mitchell, Fenn, Felss) is assured, providing clients with a ‘start to finish’ service.

Quality assurance procedures are paramount and are in accordance with our ISO 9001 approval through ISOQAR. We also hold approvals for leading companies such as Airbus and Moog.

Our current client base includes medical, petrochem and aerospace sectors.

Tooling can be manufactured in various steels in accordance with customer’s requirements, the finished parts coated in wear resistant materials where required.

General machine parts are also undertaken using quality CNC machine shops local to Techniswage, quality controlled through our QC department.

If you would like to know more about our aerospace and aircraft parts manufacturing service please complete our brief enquiry form below or call us on 0121 553 2364 for an informal chat.