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Designed for Dr Taylor’s bespoke elliptical country home Arragon Mooar, in the Isle of Man the ‘golf ball’ chandelier is one in a series of bespoke elliptical light fittings designed to enhance and complement the interior decor in Arragon Mooar.

Although the chandelier uses 92 tapered stainless steel tubes we were asked to manufacture 200, each 215mm in length. Produced from stainless steel the taper was required to start from a 4.04mm outside diameter x 3.28mm inside diameter and reduced to a 1mm inside diameter. The tapered stems were designed to enhance the delicacy of the light fitting whilst ensuring adequate load bearing capabilities enabling the 92 individually hand enamelled blossom flowers to be the focal point of the piece.

As well as being a beautiful piece of art, the chandelier integrates the latest lighting technology which can be integrated into an intelligent building system. It has 92 Cree XLamp MC-E LEDs to provide a dimmable high lumen output with excellent colour consistency. Each LED can be easily replaced in the unlikely event that an LED should fail. The light also makes use of a small optical source for efficient colour mixing with the ability to change the colour, tone and brightness of each individual LED.

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