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Techniswage Expands into Micro Tube End Forming

We are pleased to announce that we have officially expanded our range of capabilities and can now offer micro tube end forming.

By offering this new process, we will be able to further develop our customer base across new diverse market sectors.  

We have spent six months developing the micro tub end forming process and during this time we have invested in the creation of a dedicated small parts area featuring state of the art control systems on our factory floor.

Discussing this, Paul Fellows, Director at Techniswage, had to say: “Swaging is a forming operation used to reduce the outside and inside diameter of a tube. And although we have always undertaken micro forming work, which we class as working on tubes below a 3mm diameter, we have never done so in an official capacity.  Looking to the future, we can see there is growth potential with the medical, electronics and nuclear markets, and as such we made the decision to invest in a dedicated area to develop an organised, clean and efficient process which meets the exacting requirements of these market sectors.”

We are able to form micro tubes out of most metals including copper, brass, stainless or mild steel and can manipulate tubes as small as 1mm in diameter and reduce tubes to just 0.2mm in diameter using hydraulic and rotary methods.

By offering this new process, we are now able to produce component parts which can then be used in a variety of products including blood testing needles, meat probes and even throttle linkage pins for jet engines.

“We believe that having this dedicated area demonstrates our commitment to working to the highest of standards within micro tube end forming”, Paul concluded.

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